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How fucking awesome is this!?

I neeeeeeddd!!!!

Make me choose: Dongho or Kevin  - Anon (x)

Make me choose: Dongho or Kevin  - Anon (x)

Ok everyone I think I finished all the requests in my inbox. I didn’t expect so many asks for that game, but it was fun wasn’t it? If I get more I will answer them tomorrow. Thanks for helping me take my mind off of stuff, it really helped!! Love you all and sweet bias dreams~

sexynaughtybitchykey asked: "Ooooooo I wanna do the thinggggggg~ Karnektia :)"

Hahahaha ok you can do the thing too, wow what a unique and beautiful name~

K- “Kiss” Dara (2NE1)

A- “Angel” Se7en 

R- “Romeo” SHINee

N- “Neverland” U-Kiss

E- “Empty” JYJ

K- “Know Your Name” Jay Park

T- “Tell Me Goodbye” Bigbang

I- “It’s Raining” Rain

A- “Again” MBLAQ

Wow! Hope you like the mix~

ikutoandamu asked: "Elena ㅇ ㅅ ㅇ ❤️❤️ love your blog btw. (So shy) (//ㅅ//)"

Awww, you are making me blush ^o^ thank you sweetheart!

E- “Eat You Up” BoA

L- “Last Farewell” Bigbang

E- “Evil” SHINee (I’m not calling you that lol but it’s a good song…)

N- “Nothing’s Over” Infinite

A- “Amazing” U-Kiss

Very pretty name, thanks for playing~

haruharus asked: "Débora \o"

Hi there! My mom’s name is Deborah! So close wow ^_^

D- “Dazzling Girl” SHINee

E- “Every Day” U-Kiss

B- “Baby I Miss You” 2NE1

O- “One” MBLAQ

R- “Ring Ding Dong” SHINee

A- “Always” Bigbang

Sorry I have to start re-using A’s now… I hope you like it!

Anonymous asked: "SNOWFLAKE ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

Hahahaha, are you serious? You don’t want me to use your real name? And I thought I was the dork here.  Ok fiiiine

S- “Shake the World” G-Dragon

N- “Note” SHINee

O- “Oh Yeah” MBLAQ

W- “Wedding Dress” Taeyang (cause I’m still waiting for you to marry me please)

F- “Falling in Love” 2NE1

L- “Let out the Beast” Exo

A- “Again” MBLAQ 

K- “Knock Out” GD and TOP

E- “Everybody” SHINee

I hope this was amusing to you.

Anonymous asked: "Ashley c:"

Hi Ashley, awww are you shy? It’s ok, let’s see what you get sweetie…

A- “1004 (Angel)” B.A.P (ok I cheated here a little but I’m running out of A’s)

S- “Stupid Liar” Bigbang

H- “Heaven” Ailee

L- “Like a Fire” SHINee

E- “Electric Shock” f(x)

Y- “You” MBLAQ

Thanks for playing!

writtenexplosions asked: "Marissa! This is so awesome the playlists are great"

I know right? This is so fun! Let’s go~

M- “Man in Love” Infinite

A- “Avatar” U-Kiss

R- “Ready or Not” SHINee

I- “In my Head” CNBLUE

S- “Sexy, Free and Single” Super Junior

S- “Scream” 2NE1

A- “A Fool’s Tears” Bigbang

Wow, you got a real mix there! Enjoy!

Omg don’t apoligize, I used to LOVE BSB! And Q is hard lol. No problem dear, I’m always here!

Oh good! I thought you wouldn’t mind another boyband since I know you also like The Wanted ;)